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Glossary of Bar Code Fonts

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Linear Bar Code Fonts
Linear bar codes are among the most common bar codes in the industry today, and can be utilized in virtually any aspect to streamline and simplify a wide variety of operations. Following is a selection of the most commonly used linear bar codes as offered by IDAutomation.
Code 39 Code 128 Interleaved 2 of 5
Code 39 consists of bar code symbols that represent 0-9, A-Z, and the space character as well as -,$/+ and %. Code 128 is a high-density bar code that can encode the full ASCII character set. This bar code is used for many implementations. Interleaved 2 of 5, also known as ITF is a numeric-only bar code that encodes pairs of numbers into a bar code format that is both high-density and self-checking.
GS1 Databar Intelligent Mail POSTNET & PLANET
GS1 Databar & Composite bar codes have been found to solve grocery and healthcare issues where items are too small for traditional, larger bar codes. Intelligent Mail is the new bar code used by the US Postal Service for the tracking and sortation of letters as well as flat packages. The POSTNET bar code is used to encode zip code information, improving the speed, accuracy and delivery of mail while the PLANET bar code is designed for outbound and inbound tracking of letter mail.
UPC, EAN Code 93 MSI Plessey
UPC & EAN bar codes are used to encode GTIN numbers, which identify products for retail checkout or tracking. Code 93 is an alternative to the Code 39 bar code, because it has both a higher density and security. The MSI Plessey bar code is used mainly in libraries and retail applications. MSI encodes symbols for 0-9 as well as the start and stop characters of ( and ).
Royal Mail Code 11 Codabar
The RM4SCC bar code is used in the UK and England for the sorting and addressing of automated mail. Code 11 is a high-density bar code that encodes numeric values, and is used mainly in the labeling of components for the telecommunications industry. The Codabar bar code is used for many applications where numeric information is what should be encoded such as blood banks, parcels and libraries.
2D Bar Code Fonts
2D bar code fonts are most used if there is a need to encode much greater amounts of data than can be encoded in a standard linear bar code. 2D bar codes are also of particular benefit because they can be read with greater success than linear bar codes after they have sustained some wear or damage. The following is a selection of the most common 2 Dimensional bar code fonts as provided by IDAutomation.
PDF417 DataMatrix
The PDF417 bar code is capable of storing large amounts of data (approx. 850 characters) very efficiently. The DataMatrix bar code is also capable of encoding large amounts of data, up to about 800 characters.
Aztec MaxiCode Maxicode Image
The Aztec bar code is a very area-efficient bar code that does not require quiet zones. It can encode approximately 800 characters, as is the limit of many scanners and readers. The MaxiCode bar code is mainly used by UPS to encode address and customer data on shipping packages.
QR Code  
QR-Code is a very efficient, 2D barcode that uses a small area of square modules with a unique perimeter pattern, which helps the barcode scanner determine cell locations and decode the QR-Code symbol.  

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